All tournaments will take place on Saturday afternoons between the 1st weekend in September and the last weekend in April. Exact start & finish times will vary, but will usually be 4 – 9pm. There are 5 or 6 tournaments in each division, each team will attend 4 dates over the course of the season.

In each division at least one tournament will take place outside at the beginning or end of the season, to take advantage of warmer conditions. This is to help reduce the overall cost of the leagues. To help aid attendance, tournaments will not be scheduled when other large kayaking and canoe polo events are taking place where possible. Events such as the Tyne Tour & BUCS polo are all taken into consideration.

University teams must contact the league organiser if they have any problems regarding the attendance of September tournaments due to the university calendar.

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15/16 Season Entries are now open!

Please find attached an entry form for the 2015-16 NW regional canoe polo league.

There are a few subtle changes to last season. We will be running 4 straight leagues (rather that a split division 1). Teams will need to apply for a division. Final allocations completed after entries close. We have also clarified the potential for ‘playing down’.

Entries need to be completed by 31 July.

NWC Entry Form 15-16

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