Q. Our club hasn’t played canoe polo before, can we enter the league?

Yes, the sole purpose of these leagues is to get more people and more clubs enjoying canoe polo. Division 4 has been designed with this in mind, to provide entry level canoe polo competition for clubs and individuals new to the sport. Canoe polo equipment can be loaned to teams for use in our tournaments upon request.

Q. I’m not part of a club or team, how can I find people to play polo with?

Check out our Regional Clubs page to see a list of who plays polo near you, if we have their website address or contact details there should be a link to it.

Q. What are the tournament Dates?

All tournament dates will be published when they are booked, they have been booked with the National League dates, by the same people, so they will not clash. All dates are provisional until they are confirmed by the divisonal organiser at the start of the season. If you have some dates that you do not what to attend, for whatever reason, please include the dates on your entry form and well do our best to work around them.

Q. Who has set up this league?

Manchester Wildcatz as a club, with support from NW Paddlesport and the National Canoe Polo Committee have set up this league. It is hoped that the leagues will provide a framework for a regional canoe polo committee, which will eventually take responsibility for the leagues. This accompanying website has also been created to represent canoe polo as a sport in north west & central England and north Wales.

Q. Why North West and Central?

Both regions on their own do not poses a large enough number of teams to run separate league structures. The merging of the regions creates a large & varied league capable of running 4 separate divisions. In this way, it is possible that teams will face new opponents that play in a different area group in the National League. It is our intention to split Division 4 into two local divisions when there are enough teams to warrant this.

Q. Does every player need to have BCU Comprehensive Membership. 

No, only National ranking events require BCU comprehensive Membership. 3rd party insrurance is required and If you are a member of a BCU affiliated club, member of a univeristy club which provides insurance, or have alternative 3rd party liability insurance you are already covered.

Q. Do we need to have qualified referees?

For Division 1 we would like at least a G3 referee to attend. Each team is required to provide a referee to referee after their games. For Div2-4 this does not need to be a qualified referee. Their will be a referee course run for the region at least every 2 years.

Q. How many teams can we have in each division

Each club can have two teams in each division. Some clubs may prefer to do this as it makes things easier in terms of logistics. Its recommend for university clubs and clubs with large youth and novice players.

Recent Posts

2014/2015 Season Final Division Allocations

Thank you everyone for your entries into the new season of the NW&C Polo League. You will find your Division allocations in this file: NW Teams 2014-15

For Divisions 2-4, we now need you to confirm which tournaments you would prefer to miss. Please let Rob know your preferences as soon as possible. Delay will likely mean that you will not get any choice as to which tournaments you will play in.

Division 1
As per my previous email, the split of teams for the two seeding tournaments is as stated in the attached file. On conclusion of the two seeding tournaments, Division 1a and Division 1b will be formed. Teams will then have to attend both of the two tournaments in their respective divisions (Div 1a: 8 Nov and 13 Dec; Div1b: 6 Dec and 7 Feb).

Division 2
Due to the fact that we have only 7 teams entered, division 2 have been reduced to a four tournament league of which each team will attend 3 tournaments. Please let me know which tournament you would prefer not to attend. If you are flexible, please let me know as this will help with organisation.

The reduction in the number of tournaments means that we will lose one of the four Cheadle dates. This will be determined once tournament preferences are known. The scheduled dates are 4 Oct (Liverpool), 22 Nov (Cheadle), 17 Jan (Cheadle), 7 Feb (Cheadle) and 28 Feb (Cheadle).

Division 3
This division will run as advertised. There will be five tournaments and each team will play at four. Please let me know which tournaments you cannot attend. If you are flexible, please let me know as this will help with organisation.

The dates are 11 Oct (Liverpool), 15 Nov (Cheadle), 13 Dec (Cheadle), 31 Jan (Cheadle), 14 Mar (Cheadle).

Division 4
Due to the fact that we have ten teams entered, this league will expand to a 6 tournament league with each team playing at four. Please let me know which tournaments you would prefer not to attend. If you are flexible, please let me know as this will help with organisation.

The dates are 11 Oct (Liverpool), 15 Nov (Cheadle), 13 Dec (Cheadle), 31 Jan (Cheadle), 14 Mar (Cheadle), 25 April – (Trentham, venue and date TBC.)

Good luck and have fun.

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