Provisional Groups and Dates Released

Hello All,

Thank you for entering the first season of the North West and Central regional league!

Attached  you will find the provisional dates for all the tournaments, teams have until the 18th July to make me aware of any problems they may have in attending a scheduled tournament. Each team will attend 4 out of the 5/6 tournaments. Please let me know if you will struggle to attend one, and I’ll do my best to make sure your team misses this tournament.

I have taken in to account all the National League and major canoeing dates, although I may have missed one or two. I’ll do my best to rectify any additional clashes providing you get back to me by the 18th.

University Teams are excluded from the September Dates, so you must be able to attend the remaining tournaments, if there are any issues here, please contact me urgently.

The final dates and playlists will be published on the 20th July. Unless there are any major unforeseen clashes, this will just reaffirm these provisional dates.

Simplified Dates & Times


NWC Groupings