Novice Canoe Polo Competition 1st June at the Friends of Allonby Club Facility

Dear all, as part of the BCU’s Go canoeing activities the club is looking to run a Novice Canoe Polo tournament at the Club’s 2 pitch facility in Collingwood Dock on Saturday 1st June start time 1000 a.m.
The event is open to all club members and any other interested individuals or groups. Our focus is on promoting the event as an all welcoming event and we would wish as many participants to take part as is practical.
In the absence of personal kit the club will make it’s Competition equipment available on the day.
The club is committed to helping a local cause so whilst there will be a nominal charge to enter the majority if not all of the proceeds will be donated.

We intend to promote the event within the NW region preference of places will be given to those local teams who committed and played at the Crosby event.

Interested?then please get in touch asap if you would please so that we can sort out the admin and logistical arrangements.

The Crosby and Collingwood events will be an opportunity to ascertain those novice club members suitable who would wish to participate in the Liverpool International the following weekend 8th and 9th June.

Mike Moffitt.

2012/13 Season Results

The first season of the North West & Central Regional League is now complete.

Many thanks to our divisional organisers Matt Carter, Anthony Kingdon and Claire & Steve Brewer, without their hard work running these leagues would not be possible. Thank you also to all of the teams for entering and competing, and everyone who helped run the tables, referee, and filled in at various tournaments. I do hope you enjoyed yourselves and found the competitions rewarding.

The winners of the North West & Central Regional Leagues 1st season are;

Division 1 Winners: Pennine B   Runners Up: Viking X

Division 2 Winners: Loughborough Students   Runners Up: Notts A

Division 3 Winners: LUCC   Runners Up: Manchester Wildcatz Youth

Division 4 Winners: Lakeland CC   Runners Up: Manchester Wildcatz Ladies

There are a number of changes planned for next season, including the splitting of Division 4 into two more localised divisions based at Cheadle, Manchester for the NW and Derby for the Midlands. We are also expecting another 10 new teams to enter the league next season at a variety of levels. This should create more competitive divisions and hopefully make your continued participation more enjoyable and worthwhile. If you have any comments or suggestions on the past season please get in touch so we can look at improving the leagues further.

I hope you are beginning to look forward to next season already. We are aiming to have the 2013/14 season entry forms released within a month’s time.