UPDATE: Regional Plans for Summer 2016

Please read on for some updates to the regional plans this summer, including, price change for the regional summer tournaments, entries already made, update on date of Coaching module etc
See here for more info on the summer leagues changes.

Summer tournaments, Regional AGM, Referee courses, Coaching modules etc – if any of these interest you please keep reading.

Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool  and NWC Canoe Polo Committee would like to make you aware of the following canoe polo events and activities:

27th Liverpool International Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th June at Dukes Dock Liverpool.
All abilities are catered for within a 5 pitch set up.
Entry Fee including the use of the SFX College camp site, and club bar facilities as per recent years at £75.00 per team.
Albert Dock Car Park Fees at £3.50 per car per day.
Entries close on 7th May!
For more details and to download an entry form click Here

Summer League/s at the Collingwood Club Venue Liverpool in association with NWC Canoe Polo Committee
We are prepared to host the following single day summer events dates at our purpose built 4 pitch club venue at the Collingwood Academy alongside some regional development opportunities.
Summer Canoe Polo League/s dates
Sunday 12th June NWC Region AGM (more details below)
Sunday 10th July Will include a Grade 2/3/4 refs course on 9th July.
Saturday 27th August
Sunday 11th September Including the Canoe Polo Coaching Bolt-on module

Entry Fee £20 per team per tournament. £80.00 per 1 Team for 4 Tournaments if paid in advance by the 1st June.

Free entry to the 12th June for regional teams if entering a team in the Liverpool International on the previous weekend.

For more details and to download an entry form click Here

We already have 2 regional div 2 and 2 regional div 3 level teams entered for all 4 tournaments.

NWC Regional AGM 12th June
The AGM will be held at 13:00-14:00 on Sunday 12th June during the summer league day at Collingwood Dock, no matches will be scheduled during this period and will be an opportunity for you to have a say in how your regional league and committee is managed, a more complete agenda will be circulated nearer the time but if you have anything you would like to be on the Agenda please email: Chair@nwcpololeague.co.uk

Referee Course and BC Canoe Polo Coaching Bolt on Course
We are planning to run a referee theory course on Saturday 9th July in advance of the summer league tournament the following day where practical assessments could be undertaken. To express interest in attending this course please click here

The BC Canoe Polo Coach Bolt-on Module is booked for the 11th Sep. For this course you do not need to be a currently qualified coach, it can be done before attending a level 1 coach course.
To express interest in attending this course please click here

Development Days
Again with other supporting clubs and their coach’s we are looking at the practicality of pooling resources, guidance and expertise to support a number of regional development days during the summer months, these would be open to anyone of any age or polo ability assuming some basic paddling skills.
Dates for these will be released in due course, to help with gauging numbers and possible dates please email development@nwcpololeague.co.uk if you are interested in attending these opportunities.