2015/2016 Season Division Allocations

Thank you all for your entries into the coming Season.

The League is now full and teams have been allocated to divisions as detailed below, if you have any questions or comments on your allocation please email the League Coordinator ASAP.

We are now reviewing tournament requirements and dates due to the larger number of entries than expected. We expect to add further tournaments and change the dates of some previously advertised. We will be in contact with team representatives shortly.

2015/16 NW Regional division allocations

Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 4
Trentham A Dee Valley* FOA-C Lakeland Rookies**
FOA-A Loughborough Uni FOA-D Sheffield Hallam*
FOA-B Lancaster Uni A Lancaster Uni B* Salford Uni
Wildcatz A* Red Rose A Shrewsbury* Liverpool Uni
Viking X* Liverpool Coburg Bangor Uni A* Liverpool Brunswick
Kingston* Wildcatz B* Red Rose B Liverpool U21
Meridian A Nottingham Uni* Birmingham Uni Liverpool Ladies 3
Welsh Warriors Pendle* Penrith Viking Y*
Pennine C* Warwick A Viking Z*
Lakeland Warwick B Bangor Uni B*
Trentham B Disgruntled Bees (MUCC)*

*Fee’s unconfirmed as received, please send cheques or pay online ASAP if not done yet and inform the Treasurer that you have paid.
**Cheque has bounced, the treasurer will be in contact to recover the entry fee.

15/16 Season Entries are now open!

Please find attached an entry form for the 2015-16 NW regional canoe polo league.

There are a few subtle changes to last season. We will be running 4 straight leagues (rather that a split division 1). Teams will need to apply for a division. Final allocations completed after entries close. We have also clarified the potential for ‘playing down’.

Entries need to be completed by 31 July.

NWC Entry Form 15-16

Monies recieved and owed

As we are drawing close to the start of the 14/15 season, there is a list of monies received so far attached below. All remaining monies can be paid split between the tournaments attended or in lump before the season close. Also a reminder to those yet to pay, the entry fee and last tournament fee is due before the season starts. Any queries regarding fees, please contact the treasurer details can be found on the contacts page, or at the first tournaments in person.

2014 NWC Pre-Season Monies

2014/2015 Season Final Division Allocations

Thank you everyone for your entries into the new season of the NW&C Polo League. You will find your Division allocations in this file: NW Teams 2014-15

For Divisions 2-4, we now need you to confirm which tournaments you would prefer to miss. Please let Rob know your preferences as soon as possible. Delay will likely mean that you will not get any choice as to which tournaments you will play in.

Division 1
As per my previous email, the split of teams for the two seeding tournaments is as stated in the attached file. On conclusion of the two seeding tournaments, Division 1a and Division 1b will be formed. Teams will then have to attend both of the two tournaments in their respective divisions (Div 1a: 8 Nov and 13 Dec; Div1b: 6 Dec and 7 Feb).

Division 2
Due to the fact that we have only 7 teams entered, division 2 have been reduced to a four tournament league of which each team will attend 3 tournaments. Please let me know which tournament you would prefer not to attend. If you are flexible, please let me know as this will help with organisation.

The reduction in the number of tournaments means that we will lose one of the four Cheadle dates. This will be determined once tournament preferences are known. The scheduled dates are 4 Oct (Liverpool), 22 Nov (Cheadle), 17 Jan (Cheadle), 7 Feb (Cheadle) and 28 Feb (Cheadle).

Division 3
This division will run as advertised. There will be five tournaments and each team will play at four. Please let me know which tournaments you cannot attend. If you are flexible, please let me know as this will help with organisation.

The dates are 11 Oct (Liverpool), 15 Nov (Cheadle), 13 Dec (Cheadle), 31 Jan (Cheadle), 14 Mar (Cheadle).

Division 4
Due to the fact that we have ten teams entered, this league will expand to a 6 tournament league with each team playing at four. Please let me know which tournaments you would prefer not to attend. If you are flexible, please let me know as this will help with organisation.

The dates are 11 Oct (Liverpool), 15 Nov (Cheadle), 13 Dec (Cheadle), 31 Jan (Cheadle), 14 Mar (Cheadle), 25 April – (Trentham, venue and date TBC.)

Good luck and have fun.

NorthWest Div1 – Consultation of League Structure Changes

Hello All,

Please read the attached document on the proposed changes currently being considered by the Regional Committee for the future of NWC Division One.

We would like to hear back from all Div1 and Div2 teams, in addition to any team that currently aren’t competing in the regional league that would consider doing so in the future.

Please provide comments and views by the 7th December.

Niall Evans | Chairperson | NWC Canoe Polo Committee

12 Teams Div1 Consultation